Flying Hospital Jet

Air Ambulance Jet: Inter-hospital patient transfers can take minutes instead of hours!


Hospital Heli-decks

Our crews are fundraising to help build helidecks at critial care & childrens hospitals with the HELP APPEAL

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Aeromedical Escort

Highly trained aeromedical crews to support you, by plane, train, boat, car and event planning

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Socially invest With Us

See how you or your business can support our social enterprise: From £2-£1M it's up to you!

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SkyAngels launches UK Air Ambulance Jet Programme

Social Enterprise UK


SkyAngels International Rescue provides a 24/7 international air ambulance & rescue fleet of aircraft & helicopters with pilots and advanced paramedics linked together via one control and command centre in the UK.


We operate at present through an Air Alliance Group which provides the aircraft & helicopters on a charter type basis and we provide medical and pilots for each mission. Our Alliance members are linked together with the most advanced booking, tracking and response software designed especially for SkyAngels International Rescue.

UK Airbridge:

SkyAngels believes in helping others even if we are not operational, so we are involved in funding and operational advice for helidecks at NHS hospitals through our UK AirBridge programme and indeed help other charities whenever our missions allow.

Social Enterprise:

We are a social enterprise company: Number 7112: SkyAngels is building a unique emergency response alliance across the world.