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International Alliance of Air Ambulance Members

Alliance Members

Air Ambulance Members Worldwide, linked 24/7 with one of the most advanced booking system in the World. Aircraft/Helicopters/Road…

Air Ambulance Jets

Advanced Bombardier Challenger Jets. Speed Mach 0.8 cruise, max altitude 41,000ft. Cabin can carry a mix of up to 8 stretchers and 19 patients…

Drone Rescue

SkyAngels UAV Rescue Wing…Emergency and Humanitarian Drones Flying in soon to the next disaster near you….

CallSign…Mercy One

Our international air ambulance is available for special free flights through our charity SkyAngels Air Ambulance, callsign MercyOne…

Mission Statement

SkyAngels Air Ambulance Mission
Air Ambulance Missions 24:7:365: Over 400 Aircraft Worldwide!

SkyAngels International Rescue operates through an alliance of air ambulance members across the World, giving you 24/7 air ambulance cover when you need it the most. Our alliance members operate aircraft and helicopters in every continent linked through our UK command and control centre...with one call over 400 aircraft and helicopters can be tasked for your mission. Even though we are a private air ambulance company, we do offer mercy flights whenever possible through our non-profit, SkyAngels Air Ambulance. These flights are either on a flight cost only basis or completely free, subject to the mission requirement and conditions... Our callsign for this type of mission is...MercyOne, please check out our MercyOne page for more information. Its a SkyAngels thing......

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  • Air Ambulance Helicopters


  • SkyAngels Paramedics


  • SkyAngels Paramedics


SkyAngels Crews

UK Crews: Pilots: Paramedics: Doctors: HQ Crew: Ground Support: Volunteer Crews:
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David Polo Marks

Pilot [H] Chief Exec
Founder: Callsign: Polo
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Ashley Wings Stowell

Director AeroMedical: UK AirGroup
Callsign: Wings
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Jed Jedi Ingham

Director: Operations: UK AirGroup
Callsign: Jedi
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Andy Ginger Collin

Director: Operations: UK AirGroup
Callsign: Ginger

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