Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

The purpose of SkyAngels International Rescue is to help people in distress and in need of assistance, in accordance with the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent with air and ground assetts.

In addition, SkyAngels may employ its resources to help socially oppressed persons.


SkyAngels is particularly involved in the rescue of and provision of emergency assistance to seriously injured or ill individuals.

Accident prevention is another SkyAngels role.


SkyAngels invests into air and ground rescue equipment:

This includes Unmanned Aerial Vehicles:


SkyAngels may also delegate tasks to other organisations to help the individual concerned.

We are empowered to create new organisations and to support existing organisations which operate in similar fields and are of interest to the SkyAngels International Rescue.

SkyAngels is a recognised social enterprise company: Number 7112